Making Every Day Heroes

Everyday life will be hard for everybody who lives, rich or poor, black, white, Latino, Asian, straight, gay, middle-class. You will experience or know tragedy and hard times. We will cope with illness, tornadoes will hit, we’ll lose jobs, somebody we care about will die. Life, as much as we love the good parts, will…

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Exposure Still Proves To Be The Best Therapy for Panic

Panic is severe anxiety with extreme fear that comes on unexpectedly and makes a person feel “out of control.”  In the latest copy of the Psychotherapy Net Worker, Dr. Reid Wilson, at the UNC School of Medicine discusses his successful exposure practice and protocol.  Counselors at Behavioral Sciences of Alabama have also found this protocol…

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Disciplining Children in an Undisciplined World

  Google child discipline and you get a long list of options that provide anything from information on parenting styles (i.e. authoritative, authoritarian, permissive) to DVD programs that claim to transform your children. Day after day I am asked by parents, “how to I get my child to behave?.” As the interview continues I discover…

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Internet = Immediacy of Intimacy [Not]

In the Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling, Didelot et al. correctly point out that the Internet has an immediate and powerful impact on our relationships, specifically in the way we communicate and the way we socialize. Virtually everybody I see in counseling uses both smartphones and computers to communicate. Patients’ ever present cell phones ring,…

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What girls need to know about boys

“Physical intimacy is intoxicating like alcohol. It will cloud your judgment, inhibit critical thinking, and make you do things that later you may regret. And the consequences for girls are usually more devastating than for boys.”- unknown author Top 3 things teen girls want/need based on personal interviews with teens include Wanting to be liked…

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