Changing Irrational Core Beliefs and Improving Mood

Have you ever stopped to think about the negative messages you’ve been given in your life? Sometimes these messages are given orally and easily identified. At other times they can be hidden and harder to understand. They may be delivered through the way someone treats us or the way we see people treat each other.…

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When a Blue Mood Becomes SAD

When a Blue Mood Becomes SAD Now that the holiday season is over and the time for friends and family and togetherness has slowed, we could be feeling more alone than ever.  It is important to be honest with ourselves about how we are feeling and what could be contributing to our mood.  If you’re…

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Diagnosing Attention-Deficit Disorder from the Internet

A young woman told me she referred herself for counseling because she thought she had adult onset Attention-Deficit Disorder. She couldn’t keep her attention focused, kept forgetting things, and got distracted easily. It turned out she didn’t have ADD at all, but suffered from overwork and stress related to sustaining her full-time job and single…

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