Controller for My Mind? by Dr. Judy Park

There are remotes for the TV –

There are buttons for the cellphone & computer –


Our brains generate a constant stream of thought, sometimes unwanted and intrusive. Our mind’s nature is to wander and we cannot often stop it from doing so. We may feel as if our mind has run amok and we need relief. Then, when we try to empty our mind or stop our thoughts, we seem to focus on the stuff we’ve been trying to suppress. No switch, controller or knob exists to turn our brain off but skills can be developed to relate to the thoughts and images we find disturbing or disruptive.

Mindfulness practice can teach us to see thoughts as they are, as mental events and streams of thinking. As a result, we can become mindful and less reactive without becoming lost in the “whims of the mind.”

For more information on mindfulness and cognitive restructuring, see this video on our youtube, and read the following blog on cognitive restructuring.

Judy Park, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

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