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Overcoming Anxiety is Like Learning to Ride a Bike

Bicycling magazine published a really helpful article on teaching children how to ride a bike many years ago. Forget the idea of running alongside your kid holding on to the seat while she freaks out yelling, “Don’t let go! Don’t let go!” Lying you say, “I’ve got you. I won’t let go.” At some point…

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Am I Ugly?

Am I ugly? Is a question most of us have asked ourselves at least once? A few years ago there was a YouTube explosion as teens around the world were filming themselves and asking the opinion of public viewers. Some say it was an attempt to get attention, others say it comes from low self-esteem,…

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Resetting Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to good mental and physical health. Sleep is the first item on our symptom checklist when you come to our office to complete paperwork. Sleep deprivation affects working memory and attention, and makes it difficult to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. I frequently hand this out to my clients and patients. When…

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