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Sports Parenting/Coaching Tip #2: Teaching trumps criticism

When your child has a bad game or makes a bad play, responding with encouragement and teaching trumps angry, critical remarks. In a previous article, I wrote about the danger of over-responding to our children in sports and making it about us rather than the kids. When our children have a bad game or make…

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Sports Parenting Tip: Know Yourself

How do your own experiences impact your thoughts and feelings related to sports? How are your expectations, attitudes, and responses communicated to your child? In a previous article, I wrote about the gains and losses inherent in the connection of parent-child relationships. Parents can’t be unemotional about their children. They are a part of us, there is…

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Emotional Abandonment: When the Need for Connection is Unmet

The word “abandonment” often brings up the image of someone having been left behind physically. When we think of children, two of the most obvious forms of abandonment include a child being given up for adoption or a parent leaving or neglecting a child. There are other forms of abandonment that are subtle, but can…

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