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When a Blue Mood Becomes SAD

When a Blue Mood Becomes SAD Now that the holiday season is over and the time for friends and family and togetherness has slowed, we could be feeling more alone than ever.  It is important to be honest with ourselves about how we are feeling and what could be contributing to our mood.  If you’re…

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Mental Wellness: A Possibility or an Ideal?

Mental Wellness: A Possibility or an Ideal? According to the Psychology Today website (, January is Mental Wellness Month.  That seems like an admirable cause to bring awareness to, however, it begs the question, what the heck is mental wellness and is anyone actually mentally well? The World Health Organization defines mental wellness as, “A…

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Getting Motivated

Getting Motivated If you are anything like me your motivation level tends to vacillate from, “I’m super pumped, let’s do this!” to, “Can’t I just lay on the couch one more day?” It is important to understand the things that affect our motivation and how to overcome them. These six factors of motivation will help…

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How anxiety, irrational fear, obsessions and compulsions are maintained

How anxiety, irrational fear, obsessions and compulsions are maintained When we experience anxiety, fear, obsessions and compulsions that keep us from being our usual, charming selves, we are curious about “how we got this way?” Sometimes the answer can be obvious, for example, a trauma or the presence of a long-lasting stressful time could be…

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Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals This time of year everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions and trying to maintain a New-Year-New-Me attitude. While it is important to set goals for ourselves and to strive to be better with each passing year, we must also know how to maintain our motivation [see our blog on motivation…

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Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears Common sense seems to hold that we can best overcome fears by facing them head on. Admonitions like, “If you get bucked off, you got to get back up” encourage us not to give up due to fear. Recently, Jessica Cleveland and I presented a workshop to about forty other counselors on…

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