Making Every Day Heroes

Everyday life will be hard for everybody who lives, rich or poor, black, white, Latino, Asian, straight, gay, middle-class. You will experience or know tragedy and hard times. We will cope with illness, tornadoes will hit, we’ll lose jobs, somebody we care about will die. Life, as much as we love the good parts, will be challenging physically and emotionally for all of us at some point. Somebody said old age isn’t for sissies. It isn’t just old age that challenges us. Kids cope with bullies, cliques, pressure to fit it, succeed, be cute, compete. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be much effort to teach us how to deal with adversity through life.

Give a little respect to yourself and those around you for dealing with the adversities of everyday life. You go out and face the challenges life brings your way and so does your network of friends. Make sure you give them support and understanding. An encouraging word can have a lot of power. When you find you aren’t enjoying your everyday activities, reach out to your support system. You aren’t in this alone.

We work with everyday heroes whether they are rich, poor and middle class, black, white, brown. We treat people with colored and spiked hair, buttoned down CEO’s, college students wearing flip flops, straight, gay, transgendered, people confused with gender, single, divorced, angry, abuse victims, unmotivated and motivated, old, young, developmentally delayed, and people with all kinds of DSM codes attached to their charts. We don’t care how you are classified or what kind of accent you have, we have come to know through our experience that people are just people and deserve to be mentally healthy and have the chance to reach their personal goals.

David L. Barnhart, Ed.D.

Licensed Counselor

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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