“I’m a little bit OCD about this!”

You may have said this about some aspect of daily life when you feel a little more picky about getting something done right. Our culture has more awareness of OCD and the use of the term has crept into daily usage. People use the term “tongue-in-cheek,” but true OCD can become quite debilitating. Next week is OCD Awareness Week (October 8-12) and we are focusing particular attention on getting the word out in the community.

We will have a table with information in our reception area that you can walk in and browse. You may take away any information you find helpful. If you would like, you may also take a free copy of our workbook, “Write Your Fears Away,” which we use in helping clients understand anxiety and stress and develop skills for beating it back and preventing relapse. The table will include information about our support groups for patients and families as well as a screening test for OCD.

During this week our staff of Behavior Therapy Training Institute trained therapists will make time to go through the screening material with you and answer any questions you may have about OCD and its treatment.

Be sure to read about our intensive treatment program for OCD patients and families on our website at http://www.behavioralsciencesofalabama.com/ocd. Feel free to call and speak with our staff about OCD if you cannot come by to speak with us during the week.

Behavioral Sciences of Alabama is your solution for ADHD, anxiety and life’s many problems. Come and visit us in Huntsville, AL. Call 256.883.3231 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with us.

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